Phill Robot

Milky Way

The first smart fridge for breast milk storage bags.

A new and smart solution for parents

Our innovative patent-pending automated vertical rotating storage system organizes every bag by date and ounces freezing them evenly.

A smart fridge that matches your style

Fully customizable and sleek design that adapts to any type of kitchen or room in the house.

Smart solution for smart parents

Key features that makes Milkyway the ultimate solution for in-home breast milk storing
Up to 99 breast milk storage bags

On it standard version, but it can be designed for even more, increasing it capacity up to 120+ milk bags making it perfect for hospitals and nursing rooms.

Easy access door

With just a push the easy-access door shows the rack where the desired bag is located.

Multiplatform Interface

The Milkyway app keeps real time updates of freezing temperature, milk inventory and also helps keep track of the baby breastfeeding habits and schedules.