Phill Robot


The World’s First AI-Powered Massage Robot

The World’s First AI-Powered Massage Robot For The Ultimate Luxury Spa Experience

Phill is the first massage robot with a 35 in range, 15 lb massage force and AI controlled.

It’s the only massage robot in the market assisted by Artificial Intelligence and with a wide variety of massage patterns made to take your relaxation to a whole new level!

The Most Advanced Massage Technology

High-end sensors, powerful motors and microcontrollers are integrated to give you a noiseless, precise and smooth massage.

The Ultimate Bedside Massage Experience

Phill has a patented deploying system with a foldable long-range arm. When folded and stored, Phill doubles as a nightstand next to your bed.

By using the best quality materials and finishes, Phill stands out as the most modern and sleek designed robot in the market.

Luxury Spa Experience From The Comfort Of Your Bed

With its modern and sleek design Phill is made to adapt to every room blending with it surroundings and improving your room decoration.

Just Plug and Relax. Simply plug your Phill to any power outlet and connect it with your phone.

Wide Variety Of Massage, Scratch and Caress Attachments

Phill comes with a wide variety of massage accessories including:

  • Massage Ball

  • Back Scratcher

  • Caress Feathers

  • Wave-Head Massage

And more attachments and accessories are on their way!

All of them combined with powerful vibrations, percussions, rotations and heating features

The Best Massage Experience In Just 3 Simple Steps


Turn on your Phill and connect It to your phone


Select a massage pattern, speed and pressure


Lay down, enjoy and take your relaxation to a whole new level